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The Well Performance Management Unit has been created to help organisations become more efficient by optimising their business processes. This is achieved by either analysing an existing process or creation of a new process. This business unit specialises in Business Process Mapping (BPM) for the upstream Oil & Gas industry and in particular processes used by your well engineering group such as the Well Delivery Process.

Optimization of a business process has many advantages:
  • It creates a more efficient organisation, which in turn leads to a better motivated workforce
  • It creates an organisation where non-compliance is minimized
  • It creates transparency
  • It creates a common platform
  • It optimises workflow

To achieve this, Red Stone Drilling has created a strategic alliance with experts in the field of business process mapping. Through this alliance we have access to world class business analysts and business process mapping software. This alliance creates a strong, non competing team with complementing skill sets enabling us to evaluate your particular needs and make recommendations based on this to you and your team.

Our team will engage with the end user from a very early stage to ensure that the re-engineered business process will be accepted by their new owners. We will adopt a top-down and bottom-up approach to achieve the desired results.

The software tools we use are widely used by a variety of industries on a global basis. This allows us to ‘think-out of the box’ and adopt or introduce proven methods from a myriad of different industries. We do not limit our software tools to the well engineering community. We believe that in order to have improved overall business performance, the tools used to map processes commonly used by your well engineers, must be able to interface with processes used by disciplines which interface with your well engineering processes. This includes for example processes used by your reservoir engineers, sub-surface teams, senior management teams, production engineering teams to name but a few.

A process without content does not add value to your organisation and will hamper progress and decision making. We believe that added value can be achieved by adopting proven project management principles. For this reason we strongly believe in adopting the Prince2 project management methodology to your projects. We are ideally positioned to select and customise this methodology to create content to your processes based on the Prince2 project management methodology.

Our approach to business process optimisation allows us to capture end-to-end processes as a set of activities which each have a clearly defined owner, start and end point and together fulfil a specific business objective. The deliverable is an essential business tool for your well engineering group - which belongs to the well engineering group rather than to the IT department.

For more information please contact us.


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